Hearing Aid Costs & Payment Options

Once you’ve decided you need a hearing aid the next question most people ask themselves is, “What is it going to cost and how am I going to pay for it?”

To help you, we’ve mapped out information on pricing and payment options.

Man handing over credit card to pay for hearing aids

About Hearing Aid Prices

First, before anyone can tell you the right way to improve your hearing, you’re going to need a hearing test to determine the type and degree of hearing loss you have. 

Second, the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and the degree of hearing loss you suffer from will play a role in which hearing solution we recommend.

Third, picking the right hearing enhancement device or hearing aid depends on how you plan to use it. 

If you just want to hear your TV better, you may be surprised at how little it could cost. 

If you want a hearing aid that filters out background noise, so you can be part of the conversation at a busy restaurant or family gathering, you’re going to need a more sophisticated device. Of course, the more different situations you use your hearing aid in, the more value it will provide. Sure, you may pay a bit more to get all the functions you want, but you’ll enjoy life a lot more too.

What’s affordable depends on both the price and the value the hearing aids provide. The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. But before you worry about the price, the first thing to do is get your hearing tested. Then the next step is to look at payment options.

What’s the Best Way to Pay for Your Hearing Aids?

We’re dedicated to helping our patients in Durham, NC find the right hearing aids at affordable prices. In addition to offering a wide variety of affordable hearing aids, we accept credit cards, insurance, and financing options. We also offer a Lifetime Listening Program that allows you to lease your hearing aids, so you can be outfitted with the latest technology every 36 months. Let us help you find the best payment option to suit your personal needs.

You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate explaining how much your medical care will cost.  Find out more about your rights.

A receptionist accepting payment for hearing aids.

Using Insurance To Pay For Hearing Aids

If you have health insurance, the first thing to do is to check to see if you are covered. We accept insurance from many companies. The best way to be certain is to call us, so we can verify whether your insurance will cover your purchase.

Let us spend the time on hold and see if you already have any hearing aid benefits. You pay for your insurance, let us help get the most out of it! CALL US today.

Using Your Credit Card To Pay For Hearing Aids

We accept all major credit cards, which provide you with a quick and easy way to pay for your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Financing


We accept CareCredit, a credit card for health-related expenses, including hearing services, hearing tests and hearing aids. CareCredit allows you to pay for expenses not covered by health insurance using special financing.

Find out more at carecredit.com.

Allegro Credit®

We also accept Allegro Credit. Allegro Credit offers flexible payment plans and does not charge application fees, prepayment fees or hidden fees.

Find out more at allegrocredit.com.

Lifetime Listening Program

A forward-looking plan for hearing care from Hearing Health Care Services.  Monthly fees from $79 – $175 / month with technology upgrades available as often as every 36 months!

Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices that – under best use – are running 12-14 hours per day, seven days a week. Worn on the body, they go where you go and keep you connected to whatever you do. There are not many things that do quite so much for you!

Hearing aids need and deserve to be well-kept. The best way to get the most from your investment is to have them cleaned every 3-4 months, and check in with your audiologist at least once a year.

Lifetime Listening Program at Hearing Health Care Services has been developed to help make quality hearing care accessible without compromising on the use Best Practices Care or quality of technology.  In partnership with Allegro Credit, equipment is leased with a contract commitment of 48 months, and upgrades are available at 36 months.

  • Upgrades initiate a renewed four-year commitment from the time of the upgrade. 
  • Each technology upgrade charges professional fees to cover the transition costs and services. These service fees are non-refundable.
  • Credit approval is required. Our office will provide a link for the online application to initiate a pre-qualification. This will require your social security number and annual income to be entered directly into the bank’s computer program. We do not retain this information in our records.
  • Comprehensive Repair and Loss and Damage coverage on the equipment. If a device is lost, the user is responsible for a $500 deductible for replacement and the cost to extend the Loss and Damage coverage through Ear Service Corporation. All HHCS’s time, services, parts, repairs, and coaching specific to the hearing aids are covered under the LLP.
  • The only surprise charges that may arise would involve a loss of a hearing aid or a significant change in hearing needs.
  • Early termination incurs a buyout fee. You will be responsible for returning the equipment and paying an amount equal to the remaining four-year lease balance, minus the portion of that amount that would have been interest, minus the fair market value of the equipment at the time of return.